Cannabissimo Coffee®, two products created by Fitness Coffee GVM for EVER YOUNG PEOPLE

A first revolutionary product with the healthy properties of Cannabis Sativa hemp seeds.

A second product safe and healthy due the content of CBD rich hemp flowers.

The THC content is irrelevant according to European laws as per the manufacturer's certifications.

Cannabissimo Coffee® is the result of our proprietary manufacturing process, which allows to mantain all precious substances contained in the Cannabis Sativa seeds and in hemp flowers. With this process they have not to be burned, not losing in this way any of its nutritional and beneficial properties.

Cannabissimo Coffee is a premium, full flavoured blend of hemp seeds and the finest roasted ground coffee beans (Arabica 90% Robusta 10%)
from South America, Africa and India. It's a great way to enjoy the taste of a delicious coffee while taking advantage of the great nutrient qualities of the hemp seeda.

Hemp seeds are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and ALL essential amino acids, even those who the body cannot create itself. Hemp proteins also contain vitamins and other nutritional elements. So it's an ideal source of oligo elements not only for vegans but also for all ever young people.

Futhermore the CBD rich hemp flowers are well known by scientific community for their salutary properties.

Cannabissimo bag and sachet

Cannabissimo Espresso Capsules for Nespresso type machines


Cannabissimo coffee 250g bag












It can be prepared in the same way of your daily cups of coffee: Espresso, stovetop "Moka", drip filter coffee , Turkish style (requesting extra fine ground), French press, stovetop "Napoletana", boiled, as well as cappuccino, latte, iced on the rocks and as other ways according to your taste and experience.

Hemp seeds are a gift of nature and are considered one of the world's most nutritious ingredient.

CANNABISSIMO COFFEE® is safe and legal for the THC content, which content is completely in accordance with Italian and Eurpean laws and rules (conformity certificate, further certifications can be available if requested).

CANNABISSIMO COFFEE™ It can be drunk every day throughout the life of the ever young people because 100% safe, natural and vegetal.

Warning: as any coffee it contains caffeine, however Cannabissimo contains 20 % less caffeine than a normal Arabica coffee and a 40% less compared to a Robusta coffee.
The caffeine content varies depending on the method of preparation (visit our page for caffeine content of many beverages).

HIGHEST QUALITY PACKAGING Cannabissimo is immediately fresh packed after the manufacturing process. This is allowed by the use of a special degassing Wicovalve® provided by Swiss leader company WIPF®. In more, in order to preserve its intense precious aroma and taste during all the shelf life (24 months) we pack it with protective atmosphere (MAP).Cannabissimo Coffee is:
Free from Gluten
Free from Sugar
Free from GMO
Free from Additives
Free from Preservatives
Free from Flavors