Cannabissimo®, 1st Italian healthy coffee with protein rich hemp seeds

Cannabissimo made in Italy FLAGCannabissimo®

1st Italian premium roasted coffee with protein rich hemp seeds or with CBD rich hemp flowers. Now the coffee lovers can enjoy their daily coffee cups with the amazing healthy properties of Hemp seeds or with CBD rich Hemp flowers, getting in more unmistakable taste and aroma of Italian slow roasted premium coffee blends.

Known as inventors of awarded and patented products as Fitness Coffee®, we offer now to our beloved fans our last creation: Cannabissimo Coffee™.

Our studies and research during 8 months let us to get an innovative and healthy product for all coffee lovers, with in more the unquestionable and healing properties of hemp proteins (Cannabis Sativa seeds).

No other proteic ingredient contains so much essential amino acids that notoriously help to strengthen the defenses of our body.

Cannabissimo coffee® as written on front side, is 100% natural and legal. Its content of THC is irrelevant according to European laws as shown by the manufacturer's certifications.

You can buy this and other our products worldwide in your local retails and online shops as Amazon. Also you can contact your national Distributor or for general info contact our customer service.

Cannabissimo Espresso™,  a sip of nature

Cannabissimo is also packed in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) as follows:

Single dose sachets for professional bar Espresso machines (7 g),

Single dose ESE Espresso pods (7 g),

Capsules for Lavazza®* compatible machines (7 g),

Capsules for Nespresso®* compatible machines (5 g).

* The brands are trade marks of third parties without any association with Fitness Coffee GVM Company.

News & Events (2013-2018)

December, 2013 Fitnes Coffee GVM i.e. presents to the print Cannabissimo Coffee. See Italian Beverfood review

December, 2013 Our Exclusive Distributor for Czech Rep. and Slovakia Monvitaly S.R.O. pubblishes its Cannabissimo Website

January, 2014 GVM publishes Cannabissimo Coffee® Website

February, 2014 Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

March 2014 Venner S.R.O. publishes the new Website in Slovakia

April 2014 Useful article publused by Prague Hemp for Health

July 2014 Cannabissimo Coffee in Italian Sativa shop Cannabissimo Coffee in Italy

July 2014 Cannabissimo Coffee in Italian Sativa shop Cannabissimo Coffee in Romania

August 2014 Cannabissimo in Denmark Cannabissimo Coffee in Denmark

September 2014 Cannabissimo in Croatia Cannabissimo Coffee in Croatia

October 2014 At Hemp Trade Show Naples (31 October, 1 and 2 November) try Cannabissimo and hemp delicious products at Sativa Alimentari stand. Buy your ticket here

December 2014 Acquistate Cannabissimo Caffè a Roma: I Vegan Shop On-line

January 2015 Shop on line in United Kingdom: Hempshop UK.

February 2015 Our new Distributor launches our Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo Coffee in Greece.Visit Greece Website

March 2015 Cannabissimo Caffè ora lo trovate anche in Sardegna: visitate la pagina Facebbok

May 2015 Cannabissimo Coffee is now available in Poland: visit Distrbutor Website

August 2015 Cannabissimo Café desde ahora se encuentra en Espana: visiten su pagina Web

August 2015 Our new Distributor in California launches Cannabissimo Coffee.visit their Website in USA

03 Settembre 2015E' uscito un interessante articolo comparso sulla rivista Canapa Industriale dal titolo "Cannabissimo: il caffè alla canapa nato in Italia ed esportato nel mondo". Leggete l'articolo qui

10 Settembre 2016New Cannabissimo compatible capsules in 10 capsules cardboard and in 100 caosules carton

Luglio 2017Launch of new NATURESSO: 100% organic coffee with organic hemp seeds.

Febbraio 2018Winner of Spannabis Award as best products in hemp fair show Spain see the link

18-20 MAy 2018 Visit us at stand H24 to taste our Cannabissimo line products: Indica Sativa Trade Show at Unipol Arena in Bologna.




Cannabissimo® bag and sachet


Cannabissimo Coffee with CBD rich hemp flowers

The main packaging of Cannabissimo® with Hemp seeds or with CBD rich Hemp flowers is in soft bags for stove-top moka, drip-filter and Espresso machines.

It offers the best protection for two years of shelf-life:

- triple foil,

- protective atmosphere (MAP)

- save aroma mono directional valve.

Net weight: 250 g (8.8 oz).

35 servings with Espresso machine, French press and Italian Moka,

25 servings with drip-filter machine.